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Tierra Salvaje translates from Spanish as “wild land”. In Wawi Navarroza’s works on contemporary landscape, locations emerge as artistic research with an interest in transforming perspectives from encounters with place. In her words, “The landscape I’m interested in is when you look at land from where you’re standing: on your feet. Not the other view, not the postcard.” Her two-part photographs pair captures of landforms and fragments with those of abstract and minimalist earth drawings meticulously hand made from organic and industrial elements. As Wawi puts forward the sensorial experience of land, she expands the material potentials of photography and conceptual frameworks of landscape.

Wawi Navarroza
Born 1979, Manila, Philippines
Lives and works, Manila, Philippines

Archival pigment print and earth drawings; soil, sand, lava, chalk, charcoal, carbonates.
50.8 x 40.59 cm

Courtesy the artist and Silverlens

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