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This intimate portrait of the artist and her artist-father, Dahong Shen (1946-2018) carefully explores practices of othering that have long underpinned aesthetic representations of minority groups. As Shen documents in their family home, his photo archive, and on the road, she questions her father’s pursuit of realism and authenticity in his paintings of Tibetan people and culture. In doing so, she candidly shares aspects of her own ambitions, which act to leverage delicate paradoxes around ways of being an artist, and create space for thinking through and beyond established structures.

Shen Xin
Born 1990, Chengdu, China
Lives and works, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Counting Blessings, 2014
Single-channel HD video, colour, sound, 37 minutes
Language: Sichuan Dialect, China
Subtitles: English / Lao on site in print

Courtesy the artist and MadeIn

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